Line Up

Nick Rafferty

It was late in 1995 when a young Nick Rafferty realised he would have to finish his pro-golfing career to pursue his true love of DJing and house music. Having produced demos on a pair of crumbling old decks, Nick was lucky enough to quickly establish a regular slot at the West End bar in Birmingham.

Nick rapidly gained an impressive reputation around the west midlands. When the now legendary Sundissential club night started it was only natural that Nick should become the club’s second resident DJ alongside the great Tony De Vit. Playing with Tony and the other Sundissential big names taught Nick a tremendous amount about the skills of a top DJ. Right now he refuses to stay stagnant and become pigeon holed. He’s always looking to push new styles and sounds in both his production & DJing. This has enabled him to develop his own style to the point that he is in demand across the whole country and the globe.

Beyond his DJing career Nick has had considerable success with various studio projects including 25 single releases under his own name. He’s also released under the name NR², completed an impressive array of remixes, as well as taking control of the decks for eight TV advertised compilations including all 3 Sundissential Albums.