Festival Safety Guide

Festival season is almost here 🎉

But, amid all of the excitement, it can be easy to forget the little things that could potentially put you at risk. These can be serious vibe killers so, before you head out to your favourite festival, read our safety guide to make sure you know how to keep yourself out of danger. You’re more likely to have a blast if you prepare appropriately!

  1. Have a buddy system. Never let anyone go anywhere on their own—festivals have notoriously poor signal, meaning there’s no chance you’ll just be able to send a quick text to find each other again. Partnering up is a really good way of preventing this from happening.
  2. Pre-arrange a rendezvous point. This way, if you do get separated, you’ll know exactly where to find each other.
  3. Check the weather forecast. Make sure you have SPF for the sun and waterproofs for the rain.
  4. Avoid bringing valuables and cash. Many festivals have gone cashless (make sure to check your festival’s FAQs), which means you’re much less likely to have any money go missing. Keep in mind whilst packing that anything you bring with you comes with the risk of it getting damaged, stolen or lost, so valuables are always best left at home.
  5. Bring a portable charger. If there’s an emergency at any point, you’ll need your phone to have a decent amount of battery. It’s worth making sure you have a good quality portable charger, especially at camping festivals. Some festivals also offer charging points as a ticket add-on.
  6. Always wash your hands and use hand sanitiser. This goes without saying, really—you’ve heard the festival portaloo horror stories.
  7. Eat regularly and stay hydrated. Keeping hydrated and making sure your blood sugar levels are stable is vital. If you don’t listen to your body, you risk an unpleasant trip to the medical tent. This is particularly important when you’re drinking and partying.
  8. Make use of those who are at the festival to keep you safe. Any good festival will have a medical tent, hydration stations, stewards and security teams in place. These are here purely to keep you safe, so make use of them when you need them.

It’s imperative that you look after yourself at a festival, whether it’s day one or day three. At Escape, we provide hydration points, volunteers, medics and security to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us. Now that you’re suitably prepared for almost anything a festival can throw your way, let the excitement commence!