Escape Essentials: What to Bring to a Rave

Whether it’s your first rodeo or you’re an experienced raver, our list of rave must-haves will help keep you safe as you dance the night away. 🕺

  1. ID No one wants to risk not getting served.
  2. Cash A lot of venues and festivals have gone cashless in recent years (you’ll be able to use both cash and card at Escape), but it’s always worth having as a backup.
  3. Lighter For all you smokers out there.
  4. Anti-bacterial gel No one wants post-rave flu.
  5. SPF Protect yourself from UV rays at outdoor raves.
  6. Sunglasses Your eyes need protection too, and they look cool!
  7. Gum Stay fresh.
  8. Makeup Bring some powder and lip gloss to keep your face topped up.
  9. Baby wipes For a VIP portaloo experience.
  10. Water Hydration is essential.

These items will make your raving experience even better and more comfortable. Now that we’ve done the planning for you, get out and get on it!