’90s Fashion Moments Still In Today

The 90’s didn’t only have great music, but also a truly remarkable fashion culture. There are some pieces which are making a come back bigger than ever, so this blog post should highlight a few looks you never knew you needed so bad.

First up we’ve got Checked Skirt Suits. Perfect combo to the office or even to Sainsburys with the current lockdown. 😖 Clueless Vibes are here to stay and we are LOVING it.

Branded sportswear is not only a perfect fit for the current circumstances but it can also be stylish. So many people are adopting the sportswear staples of the ’90s, especially when they come logo-emblazoned. Put together your favourite rave outfit and let us see by tagging our insta @escapefestivalofficial

Among other garments, corsets are also making a return, whether its cause of the 90’s or the Bridgerton show on Netflix, we are here for it all. They are easy to style & they can be worn with everything from short suits to fancy red carpet skirts.

And last but not least we got the teeny-tiny bags. Who doesn’t want one? Perfect to store the essentials- bank cards and lip palms for the winter season. Altough Jacquemus might have started the movement with their amazing range then, nowadays every single retailer on the high-street has their own version.

Hope this post gave you some much needed fashion inspo. We sure can’t wait for spring to come along and evenings to get lighter so we can all start enjoying life a little bit more and wearing a little bit less!