Best films about rave culture 

Tired of watching reruns of Friends or the Office? We’ve got a better plan for you. Watching movies and reminiscing about raves, a time of pure hedonism that inspired fashion choices and fascinating subculture. If you loved the rave scene, or would love a glimpse of what it was like you’ll love these iconic movies..

We have rounded up the top 5 movies to add to your watchlist: 

  • Nowhere (1997)This movie follows a day in the lives of a group of Los Angeles high school students and the strange lives they seem to lead. During those 24 hours they are drawn inexorably to a party at the house of Jujyfruit featuring strobe lights, psychedelic projections, amazing house music, etc. However, the party of the dreams will quickly turn into a nightmare…

  • Modulations: Cinema for the Ear (1998)This masterpiece has been dubbed  as ‘the definitive film on electronic music’. It focuses on the evolution of electronic music and its many genres, for instance how the wide range of styles and scenes formed through experimentations on sound formation.
  • Human Traffic (1999)Focusing on the Cardiff club scene in the 90’s- Five best friends deal with their relationships and their personal demons during a crazy weekend. Starting with a Friday afternoon preparations for clubbing, check out how the boozy weekend is a breakthrough time for some of the main characters.

  • Go (1999)This movie focuses on a group of twenty something people who work their boring nine-to-five jobs and live for the weekend warehouse raves. Who can relate to that? 👀 This movie is a classic narrative film with multiple perceptive, with an overall tagline emphasising that “a weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend”.
  • Sample people (2000)This masterpiece, often named as the Australian Pulp Fiction for the rave generation, stars the Hollywood classics Kylie Minogue and Ben Mendelsohn in their early years. Plot revolves around a wild weekend in Sydney, which captures 48 hours of clubs, chaos and kebabs. If you love a bit of face glitter, red wigs and bubblegum colours, then this movie is perfect for you as it takes you back to the vibrant Aussie youth culture.